Let’s get this blog on the road!

Welcome to my little corner on the internet, World Wide Web or whatever else you prefer to call it!

I’ve thought about starting up my own blog for what seems like ‘donkeys years’ and I have actually started a couple of times but never really got into it properly,  life just seems to take over.

I’ve worked in marketing for 8 years now mainly focusing on online marketing but also getting involved with print and design. I’m used to writing copy for websites and social media posts etc. for businesses but have wanted a space that was my own  for a long time. I’ve always enjoyed writing and wanted to blog as a space to write whatever I felt like writing about. In my younger years I was an avid story writer I’m also a keen amateur hobbyist photographer and it’s not often that I don’t have my camera with me. Blogging will give me that extra excuse to get the camera out, create flatlays and also a place to maybe share some of the hundreds of photos I take.

I’m not quite sure that my blog will have a ‘niche’ and I’ll probably write about a mixture of things if I’m being honest. Life isn’t just about one thing and never sticks to one topic so why should anyone’s blog be?

Anyway thank you if you’ve stuck around to the end, I hope I didn’t ramble on too much!! If you’ve got your own blog feel free to leave your links below & I’ll pop over to say hello!

I’m also over on Instagram as @OurLittleSnippets



Let’s get this blog on the road

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