Eco Living Shampoo Bar – REVIEW

There’s a new shampoo bar in town and I just couldn’t resist trying it out when they arrived at babipur! The new Eco Living shampoo bars come in four gorgeous scents. I went for the wild fig and it smells absolutely divine!

First Impressions

One of the first things that struck me about these bars was just how strong the scent was, they smell amazing! They lather up amazingly well, I’ve never come across a bar that lathers up in this way in the 4 years that I’ve been using shampoo bars . It’s left my hair feeling amazingly silky and shiny after the first wash. Its quite a good size bar at 85g and the leaf shape fits nicely in the palm of my hand. It’s super simple to use and simply wet it a little and either rub it directly on your hair on in your hands work it through your hair and then rinse. It lathers so easily with just a little water you really don’t need to drench it completely to get a decent lather.

A few facts about the bars

The Eco Living solid shampoo bars are soap free, made from naturally derived, sustainable ingredients. All four scents of these shampoo bars are suitable for all hair types including all lengths and even coloured treated hair. Each bar is enriched with panthenol pro-vitamin B5 that will help hydrate your hair and scalp whilst also protecting against damage, leaving hair manageable, smooth and silky. The bar has jojoba oil which will help to add shine and volume, all things that I can vouch for after using the bar myself. All bars are plastic free, vegan friendly, cruelty free and palm oil free. They’re also made in the UK which is also a bonus on the eco front!

How it’s going…

I’ve been using the bar for around 2 months now and all is well, it’s still lathering up brilliantly. I tend to was my hair every other day, at a minimum and I’ve used it on my 6 year old a few times too! That works out at around 50 washes on my long curly hair and there is still plenty of the bar left making it great value and long lasting. I’m pleased to say that the sent hasn’t faded with use either which I’m pretty pleased about as I get a lovely treat every time I wash my hair.

A fresh bar
A bar after 3 weeks use

After being a massive fan of the Lamazuna vanilla and coconut bars for so long I didn’t think I’d ever find a shampoo bar to rival it but I’m happy to say that the Eco Living bar is just as good (if not better!). I’m planning on working my way through the 3 other scents once this one has been used up.

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