A Life Less Plastic: Plastic Free Products

As #PlasticFreeJuly is drawing to a close for another year I thought I’d write a little update on my most recent plastic free product purchases. Single-use plastics are everywhere! Plastic is one of the most long-lasting materials in existence and there is a possibility that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050 and that is a scary thought. Reducing the use of single use plastics is something that all of us can look at doing, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, it certainly isn’t for me!


Realistically I am never going to anywhere near 100% plastic free and neither is it really my aim. My aim is to reduce my plastic footprint by making wiser choices when purchasing everyday items and making more sustainable choices day to day. Most of my eco swaps and plastic free product purchases have been bathroom based. This is a great place to make a start on reducing single use plastics in the home as there is just so much scope

So here’s a list of plastic free products I’ve discovered and have been using over the past year or so.

Paper Tube Deodorant

My favourite has to the jasmine & rose deo stick by Earth Conscious. This one works really well for me and I’ve just started my 4th tube in fact. Great knowing that there is no bulky packaging going to be hanging around in landfill! Not only it it plastic free, cruelty free and vegetarian and vegan society approved but it has a lovely smooth, creamy easy to apply consistency. I like the fact that is applies st like any other deodorant, no extra effort required. It’s also made in the UK on the Isle of Wight and 10p of each purchase goes to the Marine Conservation Society. Having tried a few other natural deodorants that just didn’t cut the mustard I was pleased to find this one.


Solid Facial Cleanser

I’ve been using the Lamazuna exotic facial cleansing bar for normal skin for around 6 weeks. Before discovering this little cloud shaped cleanser I’d been using a hot cloth cream cleanser that came packaged in plastic. I was happy with the product itself but not so much with the packaging as it was slightly excessive and meant that it wasn’t easy to use the last little bits of product. I’d also tried another solid cleansing bar just before this one but I really didn’t get on well with that one it was too ‘soapy’ for my liking and it stung my eyes.


Reusable Wipes

It’s a fact that disposable wipes contain plastic and I’m sure you’ve all heard about the troublesome fatbergs caused by people flushing them. I use to use make up remover wipes years ago before I switched to a cream cleanser and muslin cloth, not due the plastic but for the benefit of my skin. Wipes just didn’t remove all the make up all that well even though the amount I wear has always been minimal. I used a combo of disposable cotton pads and muslin cloths before switching to the Imse Vimse cleansing pads. I’ve just treated myself to a pack of pretty ‘baby wipes’ in their garden print design. They’re light, incredibly soft and gentle feeling and made with with 100% organic cotton flannel.


Lamazuna Vanilla and Coconut Shampoo

I’ve worked my way through many different brands and varieties of shampoo bars since I bought my first one around 2 years ago. I’ve settled on this one as it’s the one I’ve found that works best for my hair. I longer have to use conditioner at every hair wash and that says something as I use to have to condition twice before in an attempt to keep the frizz away and my hair got very knotty. You can read my review of the pine Lamazuna bar here.


Soap Bars

I look for bars with minimal packaging, my current one came packaging free from my local health food shop. I use my soap bars with a sisal soap pouch. It’s great for helping the soap lather up and offering a light and gentle all over exfoliation as well as being able to use every last bit of the soap. Soap bags are a great alternative to plastic shower pouffes and washable too! I just need to convince my other half to get on board with this one, he’s a fan of shower gels and that means more plastic bottles

Toothpaste Tablets

I’m currently trying out Denttabs tablets that contain fluoride. A fairly recent purchase from the past month, this one is going to take some time for me to get use to. Not due to the products itself, rather down to one of my many ‘quirks’, being a bit funny with textures. I was slightly worried about how they would taste too, but all good on that front! I’d say that they leave my teeth feeling just as clean, if not slightly cleaner than my regular toothpaste. I haven’t totally given up regular toothpaste just yet as I still have some to use up. The ones that I have been using come in a bag made from corn starch bag that can be composted with food or garden waste, I’ve currently got mine stored in a small glass jar.

Mouthwash Tablets

I’ve got on really well with the Georganics spearmint tablets but I would like to find something that’s comes plastic free that does contains fluoride. Regular mouthwashes used to leave me with a slightly worrying burning sensation and with these being completely natural and non-toxic I don’t get that with these. So if you have any recommendations for any plastic free, fluoride containing mouthwash do let me know.


EcoCoconut Scourers

AMAZING! Even my other half is on board with these, he loves them! I think that most people who have tried these become converts, I certainly am. One of the main things I like about them is that they last absolutely ages and offer really good value for money! They come in a twin pack which works out at less than £2.50 each and my 1st one lasted 8 months, pretty good going considering we don’t use a dishwasher. This one still has life left in in albeit it’s slightly tatty and tired look it’s been assigned to the tough jobs i.e when something gets burnt on…

EcoLiving Dish Soap Bar

This is my most recent swap, completely plastic free this soap bar comes with minimal packaging just a simple paper band. Super easy to use too, as I’m filling up the washing up bowl with water I rub the bar with my scourer and wash away💧and store it on a little dish by the side of the sink. This particular bar is made in the UK from vegan friendly, organic plant-based ingredients.

It’s great to see good products with minimal packaging and you know what they say…. it’s what’s inside that counts even if there isn’t too much of an outside!


I’d love to hear about your top eco swaps and favourite plastic free products in the comments, I’m always on the lookout for more plastic free products

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